Six Reasons to Trust Us


Why should you trust Safe Money Strategies will give you solid, objective advice?

1. We are the creators of the proprietary Safe Money-Secure Income Portfolios (SMSI Portfolios™).

Safe Money Strategies created the Safe Money-Secure Income Portfoliosto provide our clients with unprecedented opportunities to build greater income and wealth. No one else has or will ever have the ability to uniquely do what SMSI Portfolios™ do. SMSI Portfilios™ take our advanced institutionally and Trust based solutions and combine them into portfolios that limit downside risk but still provide great upside potential. 

2. We deploy superior and unique options in our portfolios.

Many firms talk about portfolios with surety and high yields...the difference is we deliver. Our clients consistently benefit from Safe Money Strategies' attention to managing portfolio risk, reducing portfolio volatility and producing high yield returns. Because we follow our SMSI Portfolios model, clients know what to expect from our firm year in and year out. After all patience, discipline and endurance is what wins any long-term race. Your money is no exception.

3. We are a Registered Financial Consultant (Ethics Approved status) and an Independent Trust Consultant firm.

Safe Money Strategies has been part of, and in good standing with the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants since the year 2000. Their high standards of ethics and integrity make them one of the premier industry standards for quality firms throughout the world. We work directly with Provident Trust Company (and other Trust Compnaies) to provide Fiduciary protected Trust accounts for all our clients.   

4. Our commitment to your success.

The founder of Safe Money Strategies, Mark Miller, has been recognized throughout the country for his ongoing efforts to educate clients about alternative ways to create wealth. This focus has brought about national media attention as an author, expert and trusted choice for advice. He has even received a commendation from President George W. Bush for his efforts.

5. Straight-forward and transparent.

We work with many Fiduciary based firms that have a "best interest standard" of conduct to each and every one of their clients. This means we will always do our best to act in your interest, as a trusted advisor. We will always create an unbiased solution that best suits you. Unlike many other financial professionals, we do not "fee our clients to death"...we primarily receive our fees from the underlying issuers providing products to our clients. In other words, in most cases 100% of your assets go to work for you from the day one and you will not pay ongoing fees that cut into portfolio profits.

6. Your money is held by independent custodians.

At Safe Money Strategies we never take custody of your funds and have no access or authority to trade or move them. In most cases, your funds are held in custody by household name companies that have billions in assets, or held at a Fiduciary compliant Trust Company, for your benefit. This gives our clients piece of mind knowing some of the world's best companies are backing the safety and security of their assets.