Our Mission

At Safe Money Strategies, Inc. (SMS) our mission is to make sure your assets have the utmost in surety. We do our best not to place our client’s assets at undue risk, but at the same time our clients enjoy reasonable rates of return. We specialize in finding unique institutionally-based alternatives in the marketplace to accomplish this. Bottom line...we bring the secrets of Wall Street's wealthiest down to Main Street.

We feel that each individual situation is different and it is our responsibility to make sure we fully understand your specific financial goals and objectives. We value each one of our clients and take the time necessary to tailor strategies that are right for you.

The money you have accumulated over your lifetime needs to last. These funds must be protected from market loss as well as buying power and inflation erosion. At SMS, we provide individuals and business owners with unique solutions that may help achieve your goals of safety...with growth as well.

Investments such as stocks, commodities, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and variable annuities subject your principal to volatile market swings and potential losses. At SMS, we try to provide solutions that will protect your principal’s safety and enable you to take advantage of only positive moves in the markets, not the downsides. 

Typical financial objectives for which we have provided outstanding solutions:

  • Growing your retirement nest egg
  • Creating and growing business wealth
  • Creating and preserving personal wealth through the proprietary Safe Money-Secure Income Portfolios
  • Securing long-term retirement income
  • Finding the best higher-yielding offerings with surety
  • Protection against inflation
  • Reducing the devastating effects of taxes
  • Establishing legacies for family & charities
  • Increasing your peace of mind about your investments 

   Client Bill of Rights…...

   As a Safe Money Strategies, Inc. client you are entitled to:

  • Professional, prompt, and courteous service, from me, my staff, and my company.
  • Integrity and expertise in every aspect of our relationship.
  • My sincere concern as I listen to your personal financial goals and needs.
  • Meaningful solutions to grow your wealth safely and securely.   
                                                    -Mark Miller, RFC                                    
                                                     CEO and President