Exclusive Business Solutions, Inc.


Exclusive Business Solutions, Inc. (a partner company with Safe Money Strategies) consults with business owners, top executives, physicians, and high net worth individuals to help them protect their financial assets and live the life they deserve. We help business owners take their company to the next level by providing thoughtful and innovative financial planning they can get nowhere else. Here are some of our services:


Proper planning and maximizing profits in your business:

  • Save thousands on your taxes every year
  • Understand and calculate "True" business values in five distinct ways
  • Identify strategies and tactical solutions to preserve, promote and protect the value of your business and assets
  • Help create Private Pension Plans for Owner/Executive long-term longevity
  • Use long-term tax strategies to keep more business profits
  • Tie owner and key employee compensation solutions to business growth
  • Plan your retirement and succession strategies to preserve the business
  • Help you relieve business debt burdens with Debt Cancellation strategies
  • Business continuity planning
  • 401k planning, investment and administration
For life after business, we’ll help you:
  • Preserve, protect and grow what you’ve accumulated  
  • Determine a likely buyer as a part of an exit strategy
  • Properly update estate plans with the business in mind
  • Make wise, safe-money and alternative investment choices
Our consulting gives clients the highest level of personal attention, and  EBS will also work with your current advisors to implement solutions. If needed, we can draw on the best lawyers, CPAs, financial planners and investment advisors to structure more detailed solutions.
What can EBS possibly offer that I can't get from my current business advisors?
EBS challenges all other professionals to offer the quality of counsel we give to our clients. We focus on areas overlooked by most accountants, lawyers and financial planners who are only aware of the basic methods associated with business planning and wealth management.
We often use methods that are less commonly known (yet well documented and safe) to provide powerful benefits to our clients. In our planning process alone, our clients often find we do at least 50% more than most professionals have the ability to do. Our clients also find our consulting rates much more reasonable than other advisors and have reported their long-term Return On Investment (ROI) with EBS to be well in excess of 1000%! 
If you're a business owner or executive, we have the expert strategies and tactical solutions you need to navigate tax laws and boost your business's financial performance. We first educate you about the alternatives available to protect and expand  your business, then work with you to implement proper solutions that can enhance your wealth and ultimately, your quality of life.
We will help you keep your eye on the right priorities.
Call us today with any questions or to get a no-obligation analysis of your business needs. There is no charge for an initial consultation and analysis.
Client Bill of Rights…...
As an Exclusive Business Solutions, Inc. client,  you are entitled to:
  • Professional, prompt, and courteous service, from me, my staff, and my company.
  • Integrity and expertise in every aspect of our relationship.
  • Our sincere concern as we listen to your business goals and needs.
  • Meaningful solutions to increase your business profits and personal wealth.   
                                                       -Mark Miller, RFC