About Mark Miller

Best-selling Author, Registered Financial Consultant and Independent Trust Consultant

Mark Miller has spent the better part of his life helping individual investors and business owners create and protect wealth wisely. Mark is President and CEO of Safe Money Strategies, Inc. and Exclusive Business Solutions, Inc. He's known to many as America's Safe Money Expert™. His Atlanta based companies counsel clients on to grow assets in good times and bad. 
Mark has been in the financial consulting industry for over a quarter century and has worked with hundreds of individuals and business owners helping them increase their financial security. He gives simple and practical advice to cut long-term taxes, create retirement plans, structure guaranteed income streams, and enhance personal wealth. Mark offers uniquely designed alternatives providing high-yields with quality surety. His firm is an Independent Trust Consultant with several Trust companies. 
"Miller provides practical and creative ways to plan for the future."                                                                                                                                              -ASSOCIATED PRESS
Mr. Miller has attained Ethics Approved status as a Registered Financial Consultant with the IARFC. He is also a best-selling author having written three books on personal finance. He has been a regular contributor on USA Sky Radio Network and has been featured in over 200 newspapers and magazines, such as The Kansas City Star, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Money Magazine, Women’s Day, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Daily News. Mark has also appeared as a business and financial expert on numerous radio and television shows nationwide, including Fox News. He is listed as an industry leader in Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World.
"Some consider Miller their money guru."                                         -MONEY MAGAZINE
"Miller's advice is crisp, professional.....he offers sound financial and estate solutions."                                                                                            -KANSAS CITY STAR
Mr. Miller has been invited to Washington, DC. as a guest to several Senators and Congressmen. In 2006, he was one of only 50 Americans to receive the coveted Businessman of the Year award from the Presidential Business Commission. He also received a personal commendation from President George W. Bush for his efforts to help Americans build their wealth.
"Mark, I commend you on your efforts to help Americans achieve their financial dreams. The hallmark of a great American is sacrificing for those in need."                                                                                                                -PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH 
His hobbies include golf, racing sports cars, travel, NCAA  basketball, youth coaching, and church volunteer work. He lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife Kelly, their daughter Ainsley and son, Brooks.